March 21, 2023

Chris In 'Scared of the Dark'

Chris McCausland has signed up for a new Channel 4 reality show – where his blindness will prove a definite advantage.

In Scared of The Dark, eight celebrities will be sent to live in a bunker designed to block out any light. Over five successive nights 50 infra-red cameras will follow the contestants as they get to grips with living in pitch blackness.

But it is something that comedian McCausland has already become used to – as he lost his sight in his 20s, due to a genetic condition called retinitis pigmentosa.

Also taking part will be boxers Nicola Adams and Chris Eubank, former footballer Paul Gascoigne, singer Max George, TV personality Scarlett Moffatt, reality star Chloe Burrows and actress Donna Preston. The show is Presented by Danny Dyer.