January 26, 2022

Ghosts in High Spirits

The American remake of Ghosts has been renewed for a second series after proving a smash with viewers.

The comedy which HD Management client Martha Howe-Douglas is an Executive Producer of, has been attracting around 8.1 million viewers an episode,  according to CBS the home of Ghosts. And it has been a critical hit, too, with an approval rating of 94 per cent on aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes.

Kelly Kahl, president of CBS Entertainment said: ‘Joe Port and Joe Wiseman, together with a breakout cast and exceptional writers, have done a superb job of adapting Ghosts for the US and absolutely making it their own.

‘This smart and charming show is delivering new creative highs, not to mention scaring up new audience highs, every week.’

The original UK Ghosts is currently shooting series 4.