April 1, 2023

Jonathan Pie Tour Announced

Jonathan Pie is to go back on tour with his brand new show ‘Heroes & Villains’.

Phil McIntyre who are promoting the new show say: “Jonathan Pie is back! The tour-de-force, motormouth newsreader will be gasping for breath once more, as he takes to stages up and down the land with his weapons grade takedowns of the people in charge and the state of the nation.”

“Jonathan Pie: ‘Hero’ or ‘Villain’? A question often asked and one that Pie hopes to answer in this brand new live show.

“Join Pie as he celebrates the UK’s greatest heroes (nurses / Gary Lineker / 24 hour off-licence proprietors) and takes a verbal blowtorch to its villains (the Tories / cyclists).”

Jonathan Pie said of the tour: “Join me and marvel in wonder as I kick The Establishment’s back doors in and rifle through its kitchen cupboards.”

‘Heroes & Villains’ will tour between january to march 2024 and tickets can be purchased HERE