February 23, 2024

Stuart Mitchell's Debut Radio 4 Series 'Cost of Living'

Comedian Stuart Mitchell examines his own cost of living crisis in his first ever BBC Radio 4 series, which starts on Sunday 25th Feb.

Each episode, Stuart looks at a chapter of his own unbelievable, but absolutely true, life story. A working class boy, with huge aspirations, Stuart achieved everything he dreamed of and more. However, he soon came to realise that the cost of having everything was more than he was willing to pay. A morality tale featuring his time working in Westminster, moving to a highly paid job in banking and willingly losing it all to find happiness; Stuart will make us all question the true cost of living.

Written and performed by Stuart Mitchell, the show is the first BBC R4 commission for BBC Radio Scotland in over 5 years.

Stuart Mitchell’s ‘Cost of Living’ BBC Radio 4, Sunday 25th Feb, 7:15pm.